Sunday, April 22, 2007

What Next?

Ok folks, pretty soon the World Cup will conclude, and along with it any ill-feelings towards the commentaries of Ranjit Fernando will also subside at least until the next series comes along. While this blog seems to have served its purpose of venting frustration quite well, the long-term goal of almost everyone who cared to share his/her thoughts was to get Ranjit Fernando off the box.

Towards that end, I believe the only way for the average cricket fan to get involved is to complain to as many stakeholders of Sri Lankan cricket as possible. This would naturally involve, Sri Lana Cricket, Dilmah, & the media production companies. While the ultimate decision of hiring a commentator would be with the production company other stakeholders (i.e. SLC, Dilmah) would no doubt have significant influence on how these things eventually pan out.

That said, I hope you would take a few minutes to write to at least one stakeholder about Ranjit Fernando. A link to a document containing telephone, fax & email addresses can be found at the end of this article.

As complaints in the absence of suggestions are simply a nuisance please don't forget to mention at least a couple of our prospective alternates;
  • Roshan Abeysinghe
  • Skandakumar
  • Premasara Apasinghe
  • Saliya Ahangama
  • Rohan Wijeratne
  • Eric Goudar
  • Shanaka Amarasinghe
Feel free email RFS if you would like to share your communications, and I'd be happy to post them here.

Link to document with contact details


Anonymous said...

Here is our honest opinion, Sure Shanaka Amarasinghe does good at Yes FM, and yes Ranjith Fernando is a joke, but there is a GOOD reason that some people are contained to radio.

If you take someone like Chevan Daniels they moved him from radio to television in no time because he is a presentable individual. Shanaka and Chevan both have nice pitched voices and has “good carry” as Ranjith would have said, and THAT’S ALL that matters on radio. But on television it is a COMPLETE different ball game.

Shanaka would make Ranjith would look like Sharukh Khan and that is a harsh comment but it’s the reality, At least Ranjith the joker has played Cricket for Sri Lanka. Shanaka should stick to radio, no offence and we are sure he will excel there. Roshan Abeysinghe or Saliya Ahangama should take over from Ranjith.

Sereppusoup said...

Ranjith Fernando is an embarrassment to the Queen (Elizabeth & Priscilla), to St Benedicts, to Sri Lankans who didn't vote for the JVP and to all South Asians who have to live and work with Kiwis, Aussies and the Poms. I suggest we pool our pocket money and bribe the Pakistan Cricket Board to hire him as a coach.

silly midoff said...

Anonymous said...

to anon.. surely there's not a lot to choose lookswise between Ranjit and Shanaka?

Cygnus said...

Apparently Russel Arnold is to quit international cricket after the WC:, He's pretty articulate, he might make a good commentator.

jay said...

Hehe yesterday one english commentary dude was about to switch over the mic to Ranjith. The subtle phrase he mentioned just before handing over to ranjith made me crack up big time. This is what he said "One could say that Sri Lanka is getting along well, what do you think Ranjith?" HEHEH i thought it was well funny!! it was so subtle that only the good listener could hear it

Komisiripala said...

another good commentator is Rohan Wijeratne... dude's really good on radio and played for S. Josephs.

chams said...

What punishment will you recommend RF?

I would ....
Fix him on a wood plank horizontally. Then hang by balls and rotate like a propeller.

Anonymous said...

Where is Aubrey Kuruppu? He is a fantastic commentator.

Anonymous said...

I believe Sanjay Manjrekar actually handed over the commentary to RF saying, 'Now for the voice of Sri Lankan cricket, Ranjith Fernando...' or something quite similar.

Isn't that the most awful thing?

I say we get Russel to be a commentator, respectable bastman and very articulate.

Isuru Wijeyaratne said...

I was never liked the commentries of Ranjith. He jinxes the match. Seriously. Everytime he makes a comment a wicket goes. I don't care about what he says cause I never take it in. It is just how he can jinx the Sri Lankan team.

Everyone does not like him. Maybe we should write to the paper. Kumar would be a great commentator when he retires. That would be a nice commentry to hear.

Nitin said...

I am a big fan of Sanjay Manjarekar as a TV commentator. I think he is generally very perceptive and objective. However, I was quite amused on one occassion when he introduced Ranjit Fernando (while handing over the microphone to him) as the "voice of Sri Lankan cricket". Sri Lankan cricket fans have to be very very concerned if Ranjit represents the voice of Sri Lankan cricket.

cleo said...

Hey guys ... you forgot one more important nominee :

Anarkali Akaarsha????

Anonymous said...

RF does suck. Shanaka A & Chevaan D should def be given the job. But i'm not sure Chevaan knows too much about cricket. Doesnt matter its not like he knew much about the tsunami either but he did a marvelous job. And whats tis about shanakas looks?? Who cares man? Chevaan looks good enough for the both of them. With some ego to spare mind you! So my vote goes to Shanaka and Chevaan. Anarkalli? Maybe she can be the comic relief!