Monday, April 9, 2007

Prospective Alternates

Some names that have been floated around to replace Ranjit Fernando. I remember some of them from the good old times when Rupavahini used to do their own production, with computer updated from CSC and all... and the picture-in-picture box to show the running between the wickets. Good old days, indeed!

Roshan Abeysinghe
Eric Goudar
Saliya Ahangama (thanks Aroshan)
Skandakumar (Royal College & Tamil Union)
Rohan Wijeratne
Premasiri Apasinghe


Aroshan said...

Saliya Ahangama is pretty good as well.

Anonymous said...

Skandakumar (Royal College & Tamil Union) is an excellent commentator. Where is he hiding?

Anandawardhana said...

Best replacement is Ranjan Madugalle. Remember, he war so brilliant during his extremely short spell in the international commenter box. But *unfortunately* he's assigned to a bigger job at the moment.

Vickum said...

Can't see any of the guys listed can do the job on an international channel. Madugalle yes, but guess he's got more important work to do. To me the only one who can hold an international audiance will be Sangakkara but hopefull he wont hang up his playing boots ever and when he does he a guy who could be the CEO of the ICC.

I am OK without having a SL commentator rather than any of these jokers making a mockery of our cricket and our country.

Anonymous said...

Anybody heard Russel arnold talk. Not that he's out of work here's a chance