Friday, April 6, 2007

First Things First

Welcome to RanjitFernandoSucks (RFS). This blog is an outlet to years of ear-splitting dreadful commentaries I've had to endure vis-a-vis a self-proclaimed expert -- Ranjit Fernando. For any follower of cricket, the commentaries given on television are an important part of the entertainment. Apart from making the proceedings lively, they give useful insights into the game and provide us armchair cricketers an insiders' take on the proceedings. However, the commentaries of Ranjit Fernando are quite the opposite. The disharmonious croaking of crows descending on a piece of throw-away fish, stones thrown at a tin-roof and the sound of crashing gears of a full laden lorry climbing Haputale comes to mind.

At any rate, I would like to clarify early on that this blog is in no way trying to question the command of the English language of Ranjit Fernando. English is not my first language, nor is it for most Sri Lankans. I have no issues if the command of the language is not perfect (although it begs the question -- if it's not so, why would you be on TV commentating?).

I can also look beyond the put on growling accent of Ranjit Fernando.

I can bear through the numerous adjectives coloring all of Ranjit Fernando's sentences as well. Perhaps Ranjit Fernando notices how entertaining commentators such as Premasiri Apasinghe or Tony Greig who sprinkle their lively comments with colorful adjectives. Is it a belief that, like sixes from Sanath, more is merrier when it comes to adjectives also?

Moving on... My biggest gripe with Ranjith Fernando however is that he is not always and certainly not fully behind the Sri Lankan cricket team. While being impartial is expected, you are certainly not expected belittle the efforts of the country you represent.

Second, Ranjit Fernando is unaware of some happening of the cricket team and often fails to mention history/background of an incident player. There have been numerous occasions where he had to be spoon-fed by others to get him to say the proper thing.

Third, Ranjit Fernando does not stand up for the cause and is often steamrolled by others.

Fourth, we don't need someone to repeat what the other person said.

I think that would be a good enough list to get this started. And with that, this blog is hereby declared open. Please feel free to post replies and your observations. If you have a specific incident you like to note, please email (ranjitfernandosucks[at] me and I will put up a separate post about it.

SL Cricket Kicks the Ass that Ranjit Kisses!!


Anonymous said...

Regardless of who he commentates with, Ranjith would never be the first person to speak out. He will always wait for the other commentator to say something, and then use a few flowery words to say EXACTLY what the other commentator said. If you want to learn how to say the same thing in a different way, Ranjith is the MAN!

How can we forget is pet words? Top of the list has to be ONE. ONE must remember, ONE must bat well, ONE must play on the frontfoot, ONE, ONE, ONE.

Indiscretion is the next one. Everything a batsman does is caused by Indiscretion. Bowler wanted to cause some Indiscretion. Indiscretion, Indiscretion, Indiscretion end up with Indigestion.

I think he will make a very good parrot with intelligence since he is able to twist words and make his own sentences. Other than that, I find him totally unoriginal and rhetorical not forgetting BORING.

Dishan said...

Commentating the bleeding obvious that we see on screen. he does suck.

anybody notice in the england lanka game at the end when bopara was bowled he was yelling 'bopara has done it for england' as if he hit a 4 when he was bowbled. the guy is not only a bad commentator but a blind bat and a disgrace to the intelligent creatures lankan are known to be.

ranil is a better commentator. i mean broken english commentary is one thing and bland commentary is another...
at least the future doesnt look too bleak. we always can rely on sangakkara or should i say cricket ambassador

Lostboy said...

I'm not like a big cricket follower, but was just wondering if the guy actually played cricket professionally, because I don't remember him being mentioned much in Sri Lanka's cricket history.

And listen, can we also have a BrianThomasSucks website? I think he deserves the same treatment, and as far as I know he's not seriously played any sport known to man.

Anonymous said...

when ever he says something good about the batting a sri lankan wicket falls.......
often waits without commenting on nicks and lbw's till the other commentator says something , and then RF accepts that.

Rancid Ranjith said...

RF kept wickets for SL back in the day and from what I hear was pretty darn good. Plus he managed to seal the deal with Ramani, one of the finest milfs going so... really he can't be all that bad.

He isn't a great commentator and always states the bleedin obvious and always and I mean always has to start his answer to any question posed with "one must say"... but I think he's better than Ramiz Raja or Aamir Sohail... both morons par excellance

Murugan said...

man ive been telling people for years that this guy is the worst commentator ever. Some time i just press the mute button when hes on air.

your fourth point is so true.
If a co-commentator says something..he'll wait for a couple of seconds and repeat the same bloody thing..starting with "One can also say...." or "One might say..."

and by the way im sri lankan

Dan said...

His commentaries in the last Sri Lanka match against England was clear evidence of Ranjith expecting the other side to win than Sri Lanka.When Bopara was out in the last ball the other commentator said sri lanka has done it and finished the match, then Ranjith after a pause of 3 seconds, delayed reaction, processing time of a parrot brain, said “oh he’s bawled, I thought the ball hit the bat and went to the boundary for 4”. This clearly shows that he was expecting Sri Lanka to lose. Another incident of ignorance. During a test match in Galle Tony Greig asked him the price of a piece of pineapple after seeing a pineapple seller in the crowd. Ranjith’s answer 5 rupees. I’m sure even during the time he played his cricket a piece of pineapple was more than 5 rupees.

Anonymous said...

Ranjit was a great cricketer in his time as a wicketkeeper for St benedicts College and then later, Sri Lanka too.

However, that does not qualify him to be a god commentator at all.

He lacks proper English, common sense, and repetition seems to be his swan song.

We need someone like Skandakumar, who played for Royal College and Tamil Union. He has class, charisma, a good command of the English language, and a terrific cricketing sense.

Where is Skandakumar?

rajamaru said...

Anyone who speak the English language well, can spell, know the grammar and know enough about the game of cricket knows Ranjit Fernando is the worst commentator on the air today.

Ironically Ranjit has played cricket with my father (NCC), and my father says he was a good cricketer during his day.... emphasiz on "his day"! Unfortunately during that time our Sri Lankan Cricketers were minnovs... who got thrashed by the suddas and kalu-suddas alike. Yes, we did have good cricketers in the past, but the rest of the world had better ones. Not so anymore as our game has changed and we are on top of our game... The same transition has to happen in our media communications as well.... We need to find commentators from the new era, new blood with a good command in the language, the game and the wit to match the other commentators from other countries, most whom are players who recently left the game. Other than Aravinda de Silva who recently did the job during the England tour we haven't had any one from that era ( he was okay but rather slow in his come back, answers and lot of dead air in bitween). This is due to that fact that no one paid any attention to help sharpen those player's communication skills, while they were still playing. If anyone rememer, the most commonly used sentence those days by our players was "our boys did well" which I think got started with Arjuna. Most of the players had a hard time expressing themselves during interviews. If someone was smart enough to pick on this and trained some of them, then Ranjit wouldn't be here today.

I remember Murali Struggling a lot back then and so did Sanath. Although they are not in current Mahela or Sanga's level, at least it shows they have improved and in the future they could do a better job, dare I say... than Ranjit!

So as much as Ranjit sucks, I also blame our system, which needs to change and adapt new thinking just like our game has changed. Get guys trained, not necessarily test players, but others who know enough about the game (but train the test players as well, especially the ones from the rual areas). I hear Ranil has done a great job, and so has a few others mentioned on this blog... Are they not in there because of our usual favouritism and influence I wonder...? Worse yet... What if the Sudda asks for Ranjit so that they can laugh at him and make a mockery of our country... After all, our players are beating the rest of the world on the cricket field, so this could be their way of getting back at us. Either way we need to change this... at least untill Mahela and Sanga finishes their Cricketing careers and wrestle the micraphone away from Ranjit!

Anonymous said...

Whoever came up with this site should be commended for thiz great effort. I just hope Ranjith getz to see this ;) That would be priceless.

Well I ain't much of a writer, but kudos to the people who came up with thiz brilliant idea.

The Don said...

I heard at one point that RF had been given a deadline to pull up his socks or get out... but obviously he has survived. He is guilty of all the sins mentioned here. He is the master of saying it in "other words" whilst not adding any value at all.

Not only does he give bad commentaries, he does not support Sri Lanka at all. Whilst all the commentators are supposed to be impartial, its hardly the case nowadays. So its only natural for us to expect Ranjith to support Sri Lanka.

Like someone has said earlier its quite possible that they are including Ranjith in the commentary team to discredit Sri Lanka. After all, our boys are doing so well and this is thier way of getting back at us.

The only commentator living who is worse than RF is Brian Thomas, but thankfully he is a bit out of the scene. I vote for a Brian Thomas Sucks web site as well.

Well done to the person who came up with this site. Its been long overdue and if anything concrete comes out of this, you have done mankind (at least the cricket loving public) a great service.

Sophist said...

While agree wholeheartedly with all that has been said here...I didn't for a moment realise that the RF hatred had perpetuated this much dedication.

Heh heh...good on yer son for actually getting off your ass and doing something about what everyone else only complains about.

Anonymous said...

The last thing Ranjith Fernando should be doing is being anywhere near a cricket field.

The guy has no originality. He simply states what the other commentator states. And have you ever noticed that whenever Ranjith praises a Sri Lankan Cricketer he is bound to be "out" next ball?

Anonymous said...

Have you noticed that whenever Ranjith Fernando comments at a match played by Sri Lanka, we either lose a wicket if we are batting or some unfortunate thing happens. HE IS A CURSE TO SRI LANKAN CRICKET


Anonymous said...

Ranjit is a dodohead and yes very bland and unintelligent commentaries. But do WE have the ability to get him off the panel? Who is responsible for him being there in the first place?

Yes, Ranil Abeynaike or Shanaka Amerasinghe would be good replacements. You don't need to have actually played cricket to give good just need a good command of the language and a LOT of common sense which sadly seems to elude Ranjit at the best of times...I agree he is better than the likes of some of the other Indian and Pakistani commentators but someone needs to tell him where he is going wrong. He definitely puts 'eswaha' 'cos if EVER he comes on and SL are doing well SOMETHING will happen and our fortunes change!!! There HAS to be something in that right???

Hats off to the person who started this blog and PLEASE start one for Brian Thomas, I think he is the WORST commentator the world has seen and I don't know how much MTV is being paid to keep him on!!! He has no clue about any sport and just stands there trying to look intelligent with that gobsmacked look on his face!!!!

alfaq said...

It is not true that RF has no talent. He is the Picasso of the dumb remark. He is the Mozart of the brain-dead observation. He has a genius for extreme stupidity...(England match is a case in point)

So why on earth would you expect a professional thicko to have intelligent views on the subject of cricket?? more than anything his voice puts me off and I am sure an entire generation of Sri lankan's! Thank god they have a mute key on the Telly

But hey as long as those dim wits continue to fly him first class and pay him so he can make an entire nation suffer - whats he gotta loose? I am just sorry for the Indians, imagine how annoyin this dude must be to them..ONE can only imagine and ONE can only feel sorry!!

NirajMG said...

Well, I agree completely. I think that even Ranil Abeynayake does a better job. He is known within my family as "Echo" which one must say is fairly accurate.

Anonymous said...

Dear People,
Why is it that you hate me so much? At the end of the day, one can say that I am simply doing a thankless job. I try to give my 100% whenever I take to the commentary box. I think it has been a Sri Lankan tradition to try to pull down a person who is trying to reach greater heights. It is a shame on you.

Ranjit Fernando

RanjithFernandoSucks said...

Giving a 100% simply doesn't cut it Mr. Anonymous Fernando. When you're dealing with professionals, you have to be professional.

How many cricketers are sitting out even though they've given their life and 110% for the game?

Also -- it's not charity that you're doing for it to be thankless. It's a paid job.

Anonymous said...

He really is very bad. Someone should post the link to this blog to him so that he could do all of us and himself a favour and stop this nonsense.

Sabri said...

You beat me to it. I was just planning on starting a site. I googled for RF and found this immediately below the Wikipedia entry for him. Can you believe it, Ranjit has a Wikipedia entry!

Ranjith Fernando said...

One must consider the fact that the Sri Lankans need as much support as possible, which is why I am so valuable to Sri Lankan cricket. Unfortunately, you people have made a catalogue of the few errors that I've made, in an effort to bring me down. One must understand however, that I will press on regardless. Who else is there?

The Real Ranjit Fernando
Georgetown, Guyana

Anonymous said...

Another annoying fact is that RF cannot pronounce "V" or "W". His pronounciation is the wrong way round. For instance, he will comment on Chaminda "W"aas or used to say Pramodaya "V"ickramatileke.

Thank goodness he has never had to comment on an Ashes series. Having "Vaughan" and "Warne" in the line up would have been all too confusing!!

Lanka Personalities said...

RF sucks heavy. No doubt about that. Too bad for SL PR. He must go.

Wish that Ramani would read this blog and get the old man back home and maybe concentrate on managing her business for a change. He cant do much damage to brides, I bet?

Anonymous said...

Most comments mention the fact how every time RF praises SL a wicket falls!!! very true. Now, do we have a choice? The man is sure going to be around for the rest of the matches.. so let him do what he does best and criticize the players :)at least we will save our wickets. He is so darn annoying alright and i agree with one member who posted that he mute the TV when he come on. The other day he said something so stupid like.. "If one must win, one must score runs well"???? Hello????? This is crazy. Has he ever listened to people like David Gower? I wonder. I am waiting for the day for players like sanga to come in for commentaries and do Lanka proud! I'm sure RF is a great guy but he really sucks in this department...

nige sez said...

I'm not a cricket fan by any means but I do know enough cricket and enough Ranjith Fernando to realize, things don't fit. And therefore the reason for my comment is to congratulate the person who has started this blog, which is a clear call to all Sri Lankan public personalities who feel stupidity is untouchable when your a star. The Bloggers are watching!

Anonymous said...

Re Pete Feranando woudl be useful in nuclear submarines (for missile launches), cockpits etc ie anywhere where perfect repeating is required.

Anonymous said...

This guy is the most inconsistant guy who has ever walked this earth. He is a "super echo" -meaning not only will shamelessly repeat what the other guy says, but will contradict the very thing he him self said just second before!!!!!

Thank you for this. I think this blog has already contributed towards my heatlh in many ways!!!!

Anonymous said...

"yes i think the ponting IS looking to... " "yes i think dilhara IS looking to..." "yes i think this, yes i think that", and oh, yes, "yes i think one could actually see my johnson cos i have lost most of my pot belly"

"ONE MUST SAY this blog is actually LOOKING TO, TRY AND save us from the torture of listening to this mafugger"

Anonymous said...

Eng Vs SL Match

One commentator: Ranjith, Why do you think that SL has repalced Maharoof with Dilhara. I beleive that this was a serious Q and he expects a decent reply...

Ranjith F: Well Maharoof didn't ball well in the previous matches and Dilhara is doing well now.

This is RF

Anonymous said...

Well on a positive side, lets hope RF will correct himself after having read all the comments on this site.
If this happens we are all winners! cos lets not do the typical Sri Lankan thing of tearing to pieces of whoever gets to the top...

Anonymous said...

Who ever started this blog deserves something very special (maybe a chance to slap RF)

Its more frutrating to listen to RF than watching SL loosing.

Imaging "THE KING OF ECHO" had to commentate alone, any guesses what he would say........ the score at the end of the overs.

Good opportunity to say something about the bad decisions gone against SL vs Aus when Ponting looked out (Jayasuiya's attemt at the bowlers end)....... but NO, he said its difficult to say anything. A bling bat could have said that.
Match against NZ when the other commentator asked how well SL was prepared for this match, RF said 'One must realize that SL has come here with a PLAN TO WIN...!#?&^$#^% I could't think of any other plan, matbe RF can.

Its time the authorities did all of a favor. If there's no replacement, lets not have an absolute idiot representating our country.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ranjith 'LOSER' Fernando,

Can you please stop your nattering. Take a hint, we don't need you.

Everytime you open your trap and say "... the boys are batting well..." a wicket is lost!

Short Leg said...

Just want to say keep it up people. Channel all your negative energy to write on!

Ravi said...

Well, I need not say anything more about RF as the comments on this page more than sums up the abilities and performances of RF over the years and this world cup.

But i was extremely dissapointed when our very own Captain Cool (Arjuna) did a RF last night on "Extra Innings" the Sony Max talk show hosted by Charu Sharma and Mandira Bedi. When Ian Chappel stated that ICC's anti corruption unit should investigate the motives behind Sri Lanka's strategy to rest our two top bowlers, Arjuna readily agreed saying that the Sri Lankan cricket adminstration was not in proper hands and that no past players are involved in it. (Obviously refering to himself being sidelined) I lost all respect i had for Arjuna. Here was an opportunity to put the outspoken Ian Chappel in his place and tell him where to get off, becasue he has no right to question any selection our Management makes and he cerainly has no right to accuse the Sri Lankan management of match fixing by suggesting that the anti corruption unit of ICC question the management over the selection decision yesterday. This is yet another attempt by the Aussies to demoralize the Sri Lankan camp before the all importatn semi-final round. Arjuna by agreeing to Chappel's comments betrayed the entire country and our Cricketers. Whatever Arjuna's opinion was on the team selection yesterday he should have come out strongly against Chappel's remarks of match fixing by the Sri Lankan management/selection team. It should not be in our interest to take sides due to personal grudges. We should unite as Sri Lankans in situation such as these. I would have expected such remarks from RF but from Arjuna - I never expected it.

Anonymous said...

Commentators have a tough job though they may be paid for it. eg Imus in the Morning show being cancelled because of Don Imus trying to make a “funny” comment on
Rutgers University's women's basketball team.
We all have "prop words" without which we will find it difficult to maintain a conversation For Rf it is “One must” etc. A commentator must remain impartial in his comments.
Having said that, I thank the person who started this. I agree. RF really sucks. I am happy that there are many others in the world who become worried when RF praises any of our players, especially when they bat.

He also shows partiality to our team and then goes overboard trying to be impartial. Retirement of RF will be good for my nerves

Anonymous said...

He totally sucks man. He's the worst ever commentator I've heard. You just can't bare to listen to him talking rubbish. Can some one tell him to quit without causing further pain to so many viewers!!! He has absolutley no idea about what he says & he brings a hole new meaning to the word Boring!!!

Anonymous said...

One must agree that at least RF has sacrificed himself by becoming a clown... for all the world to laugh!!.. but jokes apart.. RF you must seriously do something about getting back to normalcy...

Anonymous said...

Kudos to the people behind this blog! Ranjit sucks bigtime.

Priyan said...

One must say the litany of mistakes highlighted here regarding Ranjith's indiscretions are quite true and extremely funny. One would think that the powers that be in the visual media will at some point notice how mediocre Ranjith really is and give him the arse. One would think that would be a case of Good Riddance of Bad Rubbish, if it was to eventuate.

Anonymous said...

Says the bleeding obvious. That is why he is boring. Tell us something we don't know!

Anonymous said...

From : Black Panther.

It doesn't take a person with much cricketing knowledge to know that Ranjith (or RANJIT as he has chosen to re-name himself) really does suck as a commentator. it is "Certainly" agonizing listening to him repeating himself over and over again as well as agreeing with and repeating everything the other commentators say.

What baffles me most is.. don't the people who hire him and pay his wages ever listen to his commentaries???? Haven't THEY figured out that he is such a lousy commentator??? He just keeps coming back every damned series of cricket that is played. Am I missing something here???????

Yasiru said...

Any random idiot from the street could be a "commentator" of his callibre, I presume. I wonder if RanjiT "Bleeding Obvious" Fernando has ever listened to true professionals making commentaries in English? If he ever did so, he would have hung his head in shame. Oh pardon me, the guy has no head nor shame!
Lord help us.

Charith Janitha said...

One Must Say that Ranjit Fernando must quit his job and Try To keep himself away from any cricket hereafter.

Once he was discriminating Murali's bawling ability. He was describing how best to play against Murali, in a time Mulari was at his best & batsmen were struggling. (can't remember the match). He was NOT admiring the greatest spinner, he was explaining how to play against him.

He is Betraying our country!

Ranjit: the Turncoat!

Anonymous said...

Once one commentator asked from RF about the National Bird of Sri-Lanka and RF said that it was CROW. The other one had read and learned that it was jungle fowl. One must give full credit to RF for that foolish answer.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Reading through all this, the best is a Sri Lanka Politician, they will discribe cricket better that Ranjith, bit of course they may take of Goals and penalties

Anonymous said...

We all know how much it is boaring to watch a match without commentaries. Still I prefer that over his sucking commentaries. He never add any value to the game what so ever.

Anonymous said...

I agree whole heartedly with everything said here. Salute the chappie who started this. I do however feel it worhty to mention that Ranjit Fernando actually does NOT get paid for his time and his crappy effort. Apparently he is the ONLY commentator to do it free!!! This is obviously becuase he is not worth a cent. So the Media Moghuls foist this crap on us because it is free!!!

Further, Arjuna Ranatunga's comments on Sony MAX are strange considering he was one of the first to stand up to the White Man and now he is also paying lip service to the likes of Ian Chapell!

Ranjit Fernando, I am sure is a nice chap, just an arse in front of a mike and he should get the hell out of the commentary box.

Man this site is sooo good, just venting has helped clam my nerves.

Anonymous said...

I think they should have a retirement age for commentators - especially bad ones - like they have for umpires as stipulated by the ICC. Is this the quality of English Commentary in the island, surely there should be a new breed of competent and interesting commentators. we still listen to the people who were polluting the airwaves 20 or so years ago. every time an Indian retires they are snapped up by networks - Sidhu, Manjrekar, Srinath etc - being bad or good is debatable. at least their is a "pool" to listen to. Why is Sri Lanka lacking behind havent we won world cups and become more professional. Ranjit you may be a nice person but a i am sorry you SUCK big time. If I am horrible at my Job at least my employer will tell me I am bad and to improve. I think retirement is the only course of action.

MUTE - the silent commentry listners society

Anonymous said...

I think they should have a retirement age for commentators - especially bad ones - like they have for umpires as stipulated by the ICC. Is this the quality of English Commentary in the island, surely there should be a new breed of competent and interesting commentators. we still listen to the people who were polluting the airwaves 20 or so years ago. every time an Indian retires they are snapped up by networks - Sidhu, Manjrekar, Srinath etc - being bad or good is debatable. at least their is a "pool" to listen to. Why is Sri Lanka lacking behind havent we won world cups and become more professional. Ranjit you may be a nice person but a i am sorry you SUCK big time. If I am horrible at my Job at least my employer will tell me I am bad and to improve. I think retirement is the only course of action.

MUTE - the silent commentry listners society

Anonymous said...

First of all thanks to the originator of the blog.
I like to dwell a little on RF's psychological profile & his past.
In his early days he was very much anti-establishment. He rebelled against the Royal-Thomain control of cricket admin & selectionsin the 1970s. Having made it to the top & having used the system & the contacts he cultivatored while he was an administrator, he began to defend the establishment. He will never criticise anyone in authority, lest he looses his position, perks, privilegesthat enables him to globetrot.
He "sees no evil; hears no evil; & speaks no evil". That is why RF is never the first to express an opinion & waits for someone else to air his views before re-cycling others' comments. But he takes care to avoid being identifiedwith any form of criticism.He defends the status quo vigourously irrespective of any injustice or imperfections that may be evident to others. He has always used his influence with the 'powers that be' to secure his position. He worships money & considers the accumulation of wealth as the be all & end all of his existence. It is no wonder that RF is able to leapfrog over better commentators & to sustain his position.

Anonymous said...

This website was long due...3 cheers to the person who came up with this website....

DOES anyone know Ranjith's email address so that we can email this website to him??

Anonymous said...

Inside info..

Apparently Ranjit hosts lavish parties and mega dinners for visiting cricket teams and officials whenever there is a tour in Sri Lanka with an obvious ulterior motive to "buy them over" in exchange for the job of exposing his ugly mug on TV, while mouthing cricketing obscenities.

Its no wonder that people like Tony Grieg, Ian Chappel and the other media moguls he entertains , (who are entertainment starved in Sri Lanka )love someone who throws a big do and turn a blind eye to the other much more qulified commentators.

He also used his so called "connections" with the powers that be to get a lucrative deal from CRICINFO for his son's company which co-incidentally designs and hosts websites!

Hmmm...need we say more about why ge gets called up for each and every Sri Lanka assignment ??

Bring on Shanaka or Roshan Abey!

Third Man said...

Three cheers for the guy who decided to start this blog. Previously I've written to the papers, cricinfo forum, etc, but to no avail.

ONE could see how so many people want to BREAK THE SHACKLES and release their pent up anger about this bastard who has ruined our lives as cricket fans for the past 20 years. Every single cricket watcher I know of, hates Ranjith Fernando.

It is time we converted our frustration into some constructive action. But if we MARSHALL OUR TROOPS, we can make a VALIANT EFFORT to oust this leech from the international commentary panel. IT IS NEVER GOING TO BE EASY. But we will ultimately succeed.

TV production companies such as ESPN, Star Sports, WSG Nimbus, TEN Sports, etc take great pains to outdo each other, and make their programmes more popular. If they knew how much the Sri Lankans hate him, would they let this joker carry on, and ruin their programmes.

I think it's time we let these production companies know what we think of RF. Can we e mail them, sign a petition, do what it requires to chase him out ? This is the best time when most fans are depressed after a 5 week overdose of his nonsense. Oh! Why poor Woolmer ?, when there were better choices.

Anonymous said...

As much as I agree with all of the negative comments about RF, I am ashamed of our own behaviour.

Most of the destructive critisism didnt forget to follow with the quote "I am a Sri Lankan", I would rather happy to see some corrective actions from the patriots than humuliating another Sri Lankan.

In more familiar words, One must say RF should go, but the question one might wanna ask is are we doing the right thing by back bitting on web sites???

Aknal said...

I must confess im no adoring fan of this guy..but hey right now apart from this guy could u name a single other sri lankan commentator who can patch or scrath up together a proper sentence in English without slaughtering the queen in side out? and for the record i strognly believe that a proper command of English is mandaotry..if not by all means commentate on SLBC or on Rupavahini.. SO until such time Madugalle takes to it again or until such time Sangar retires from cricket.. i say SHUT up and PUT up.. after all that poor guys is trying to make a living.. as it is he must be embrassed that his wife is well renound in her field..and he cant make it to the field without a blooper.. i dont think it help anyone with these sort of counter productive blogs. so as i said SHUT and Put UP.. Ranjit u do ur Best..its not too Good..but atleast ur trying.. cheers

Third Man said...

This post is in response to Anonymous comments on April 21, 2007 3:15 AM.

There is no reason for us to be ashamed of ourselves as suggested in the post. We should actually be proud that a group of people have decided to come forward to rid the cricket fans of the world of this menace called Ranjith Fernando.

We are all Sri Lankans, though RF thinks he is a “ Kalu Sudda ”. The purpose is not to humiliate RF, but to make him realise that he lacks the ability as a cricket commentator, and that he should do something less harmful to mankind.

As a Sri Lankan I am embarrassed, because the rest of the world must be thinking that all Sri Lanka can offer to cricket commentating is this below par product that is Ranjith. Motive is not simply to pull a Sri Lankan down, but to knock off RF who has got there through unfair means ( free parties, free hair cuts, and god knows what else), and to replace him with a capable Sri Lankan.

How can expressing an opinion amount to back-biting on web sites. What else can we do ? Go and meet RF and ask him to please retire. We are ready to sign a petition, put pressure on TV Companies, or go to any extent eliminate the echoing. Enough is enough.

Anonymous said...

It is sad that some people are not aware of the number of excellent cricket commentators in Sri Lanka, some of whose names are are mentioned as possible replacements for RF in the RFS Poll in this Blog. Perhaps they haven't listened to TV or Radio commentaries.

Two names that are missing from the above Poll are Aubrey Kuruppu and Ranil Abeynaike. Both have played the game and are a pleasure to listen to. Kuruppu is mainly a radio commentator and has been doing yeoman service for quite a while on the SLBC Sports Service. Abeynaike has been doing both radio and TV commentaries and was on the panel that covered the last SL vs. India ODI series on TV just prior to the World Cup. Many had hoped that he would make it to the World Cup panel as well, but alas, "our man RF" had "booked" his place well in advance.

Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) which enters into contracts with TV companies for the rights to cover the telecast of the Sri Lanka team's international engagements, should ensure that it has a say in nominating at least one member of the panel of commentators. But then again, in Sri Lanka, "money talks" loudest and those in the administration rarely care about the suffering of the ordinary cricket fans having to listen to the pathetic "echo of RF".

As was evident in the past, administrators are more interested in the commissions on TV Rights offered by media companies when awarding contracts.

RF has been able to slither his way into TV commentary teams in the past due to the patronage he has received from the recently convicted former SLC president. He has identified himself with this dubious personality who has been virtually banned by the ICC from representing Sri Lanka at the game's governing body due to his failure to prove that he does not have links with betting syndicates that have been accused of fixing matches.

It is only in an environment where corruption is rife that mediocrities such as RF can rule the roost and continue to perpetuate themselves.

I would endorse any campaign to oust RF from the international commentary team. Sri Lankans are far too timid in protesting injustices. If RF was an Indian he would have lasted not more than one tournament while the Indian Board would have not lost any time in taking the initiative to take the matter up with the media company concerned.

Anonymous said...

Dear Aknal,
I get the feeling you are a part time cricket watcher. Otherwise how can you be wishing for Madugalle to chuck up his prestigious job as the Chief match referee, and be ignorant of the several competent English commentators (who speak much better English than the idiotic Ranjith Fernando).

If you watch cricket once in a blue moon, you will not suffer like us, who are forced to listen to this clown. I sincerely hope your hearing is in good order. We wish we are deaf when he is on air.

“Poor guy is making a living “ – what a comment ? At USD 1500+ a match day, he is definitely better off than most of us. I don’t care how he earns a living, but certainly not at my expense.

Ranjith is trying ….. Must be the longest learning curve.

Aknal you can shut up and put up if you want. You are either one of his (and the bookmaker’s) side-kicks, or a pure dumbo.

Let Ranjith do hair styling, or set up his own massage parlour, without messing up our lives. Probably Aknal can help in the latter venture.

Anonymous said...

Ranjith continues to display his self-preservationist philosophy. In yesterday's Semi-Final one of his fellow commentators drew his attention to the poor umpiring decisions given against Chamara Silva & Dilshan. He ignored the comments and studiously dodged comment & instead talked about SL having to revise their final total with the loss of those wickets.

We wonder why the producers of the telecast condone such artful dodgers because the quality of their program is devalued when those hired to commentate fail by their responsibilities.

Gayathra said...

Let the poor man do his job. Well, he's certainly not the best but atleast he's out there doing what he could. So why don't someone more capable seize the opportunity and make us all proud????

Anonymous said...

If someone did the statistics I think you would find that Ranjith is the leading wicket taker in terms of Sri Lankan dismissals.

He only has to utter the words "the batsmen are looking very comfortable out in the middle" for a Lankan wicket to fall!!

Prolixity is the spice he adds to his otherwise bland commentary.

Anonymous said...

Would someone be so naive as to believe that without public pressure for change, that anyone more capable than RF would be permitted to succeed him, in a situation where the incumbent is able to unduly influence the decision-makers?

Please, there is no such thing as a "level playing field" in any sphere of activity in Sri Lanka today.

y said...

I hate to lose a man his job. But he's representing Sri Lanka in the commentary box, and we don't like to be represented by someone who is fairly globally (understatement) accepted to be pretty bad (understatement) at his job.

PoorBoyRanjit said...

Sorry, I just HAD to post this.
(RF at one of the recent matches)

[camera focusing on mountains in jamaica]

"..Ah yes today is another beautiful day in lovely Jamaica. Jamaica is a wonderful island with mountains and clouds..."

Naz said...

i have never clicked a link faster than when i received this one from a freind.. my mind worked over time with all i wanned to say.....but looks like u guys have pretty much coverd it all..
Thanks a million RFS initiator! u just added years to my life!

hey! ..I know its NEVER GOING TO BE AN EASY PROPOSITION , CONSIDERING THE FACT THAT he is an EXPERIENCED CAMPAIGNER , but.. is there a chance that ONE MIGHT SUCCEED at getting the TORMENTOR a TRIFLE SHORT of bob's fate b4 the finals?
now that would be a VALIANT EFFORT.

Anonymous said...

This stuff is hilarious!! Cheers for starting this blog and bringing together so many Sri Lankans of every race and religion who can at least now agree on one thing - Ranjit Fernando SUCKS!!!

His commentary sounds like nails on a chalkboard at times, and I can hardly help but cringe everytime he dodges questions and acts as a pet parrot to his co-commentator.

I have been making fun of his 'one must' beginnings to every other sentence for more than 10 years now!!! You would think somebody would have brought this up to him by now...but then perhaps he's surrounded by other parrots.

Anonymous said...

I hope RF keeps his comments to himself today cause as someone has mentioned if ever he opens his mouth to commend a SL cricketer or the side ..... a wicket falls or we get whacked for a 4 or 6. Its time we tried out someone else.

George said...

One must remember that "the great one" has contributed much needed humour to the game of cricket, his comments have great carry of humour

medhavi said...

Didn't expect so many people in frustration (just like me). Every time I heard that croaking from RF, I wondered why isn't anyone going mad!

Great job in starting this blog. Can such overwhelming response result into kicking RF out of commentary job forever.

Then, one can certainly say one more wi"cut" has fallen from cri"cut" commentary :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations your BLOG is the best thing that happened to modern-day cricket. I hope I am not too late with this post. I do have an interesting story your readers would appreciate. Back in the late nineties, a friend of mine, a cricket lover and well-known English broadcaster was appointed DG of the State Broadcaster. My friend too held the view RF is no John Arlott or Tony Cozier.

He came up with a solution, his idea was to organize a training activity for our young past cricketers and impart to them basic communication and broadcasting skills. He was planning on using his good offices and Sri Lanka’s recent World Champion status to invite trainers from overseas [one such was Harsha Bogle] and also a few local communication experts to conduct this workshop and expose initially the trainees on local Radio commentaries.

He contacted the then BCCSL boss Mr Sumathipala for his assistance; he too was keen and told him a cricket official will liaise with his organization. Within the next hour a very enthusiastic cricket official called him, he even volunteered to serve a as resource person in the programme.

My friend the DG quickly dropped his grandiose plans. The OFFICIAL who called him was Mr Ranjit Fernando!!!

Dillo said...

I am guttered that I only came to see this blog years after. In my humble opinion and this has been the case for many a year, your blog name ranjithfernando sucks is too charitable a heading. I too remember once listening to this joker commentating with David Lloyed in Asgiriya. David Lloyed practically begged this guy to talk about Kumar Sanga and Trinity (asgiriya being the home ground of Trinity). But this fellow didn't have a clue. Finally it was David Lloyed who started talking about Trinity and Kumar followed with Murali being from St. Anthonys' and that TCK and SACK are great rivals who play their big match with each other. Ranjith Fernando has to be singularly the most boring, unimaginative and uninspiring commemtator in world cricket. How this guy ever held on to this job for so long astounds me. Maybe his bosses walk around with ear-plugs when in SL, so as not to notice the other fine commentators we have here. Having said all of that he did bag Ramani (a fine piece of woman if thier ever was one) so hats off to that :))

M.L.B said...

I dunno about him choosing sides or anything but afaik commentators are not supposed to choose sides in professional sports. "Expecting" one side to win according to past stats is not a crime. But saying it and implying it almost every time is wrong.
But thats just me and Im not a "hardcore" cricket freak.

anyhow back in the day Ranjit Fernando was one superb commentator SL has ever produced. He made up some interesting phrases? that many other commentators used. But he's getting old and he's tone and style of commentary seemed to numbing as well BUT that doesn't mean he "was" a bad commentator.

I dunno how old u are but back then according to almost every golden oldie he was one of the best in SL.

Maybe it's time for him to retire but who would take over from SL? Russell Arnold proved to be good. anybody else?