Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Ok, I know this is a little lame, and takes some imagination. It's supposed to go to the tune of "One" by U2. How appropriate, one must ask.

Is it getting closer
Or do you feel the same
Will he bowl a no-ball
Or will, Bopara win the game
You say...

One must
One should
When it's Ranjit F, who
Has the mic
One must
We get to hear it
Comes on your telly if you
Don't care for it

Did Bopara get a four now
Or maybe Dilly bowled a wide?
You bowl like a real champ now
Oh, and it’s Bopara who got out
Well it's...

Too late
Damn right
To let you go on like a joker tonight
We have won, but is it a foot that’s in my mouth?
One gets to...
Stand in the isle
Stand in the isle

Have you come here for entertainment
What the hell did you think
Have you come here to have a listen boys
To the jokers on the set

Did one ask too much
More than a lot
You’ve said really nothing
Still, you’ve screwed that up
We're one
And one has to play the game
Well we
Repeat each other
Then we do it again
You say
One is a bowler
One is a fielder
One is a keeper
Love a juicy fulltoss
You ask me to remember
But then you make me forget
And I can't be holding on
To this job I got
When all you got is crap

One must
One should
One will
When uncle Ranjit’s on your
TV set

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AJ said...

Hey!.. great work!!
really enjoyed that.. hehh