Thursday, April 12, 2007

ENG v SL - The Famous Final Over

The previous link is no longer working. The ICC, having done such a great effort in putting a great TV crew and security in place for the WC, has nothing better to do these days than hunting down videos.

But wait -- I thought they wanted to make cricket popular.... Interesting strategy.

New link for the final over is available HERE

Listen to "Bopara Fernando" (time stamp: 7.30)

Things to ponder:

  1. In a rare instance, he is the first to start yapping when runs are scored.
  2. He only says what happenned... went for four, 2 runs, Dilhara runs in, etc
  3. Does not say anything about tactics, field changes, what should Mahela & Co do, etc
  4. Says he'll take a tie. But the other guy wants the 3 runs for an English win.


Anonymous said...

I hope Sony will invent a television set ASAP which would have artificial intelligence to detect automatically RF's voice and mute the volume, so that the viewer does not have to endure and suffer listening to 'Bopara Fernando, I think so, One, indiscretion, complacency, in other words' commentaries.

Thanks a million for setting up this blog ... to vent years of frustration !

Anonymous said...

I thought they already hade one of those?! If not, then what the hell's an RF sensor?

Anonymous said...

Do not insult Ranjit Fernando.
Ranjit Fernando is God.

Anonymous said...

It is not right to mis-spell great "premasara"'s name in your RFS poll. Mr. Premasara Apasinghe has done tremendiously to promote criket in Sri Lanka, particulalry among village folks in an era when criket was an urban and elite's game. I guess Sanath, Malinga, Chamara are result of his efforts to take cricket to villages with his unique sinhala criket language he himself developed ( after lot of research and hardwork.
Request to correct it ASAP.

I suggest , better all our criket pandits ( who balst at RF) get small things like this aslowrite too.

another suggestion, a blog to discuss "Gillies squash ball".
It is an important issue to discuss too.
Otherwise this "RF" affair looks like an act with a personal agenda, but on fairly reasonable grounds.