Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Horror Films by Ranjit Fernando

Ranjit Fernando once said on ESPN, "The captain, Sourav Ganguly, will have to keep things going, and not let his head fall down." source

I'm quite glad that Ganguly's head is still in place..., albeit with the air inside let out courtesy SLC.


SillyPoint said...

You must really dislike this person to go all the way to create a blog in his name. I don't think Ranjit is all that good but your dislike is obvious driven by some personal hatred. Or jelousy may be? hehehe

RanjithFernandoSucks said...

Really? You think so?

Honestly, I have nothing personal with Ranjit Fernando. I've heard, and I'm sure he's a very nice guy.

Me jealous? That's a 'silly point' now, ain't it? :)

Tinkerbell said...

Yeah well I'd also have to question ur intent, as it does take quite a bit if effort to create a blog so, y would u do it just for the heck of it? Do u hope to achieve anything substantial (besides entertaining urban Colombo) or does it stop at that? - Tinkerbell :)

AJ said...

To the creator of the RFS blog:

Great job.. I have been cringing athis commentary and criticising for years.
Just didnt know so many others did too. So great job on starting this!

Now.. we need to start a petition and forward to the Sports Channel to get him out...

He may be a nice guy.. but he can be a nice guy somewhere else.. not on my TV while I watch cricket!!!!!

zelcpod ! said...

RF's commenteries are good when he keeps his idiotic parrot gap SHUT!!! I think RF shud retire from the job b4 sm1 grants asstylum in a mental institute. With RF on the commentaries d other fellow commentator wont forget wat he just uttered!!
RF, pls comical auditory does not go well with professional intensified cricket!!

Flognoire said...

To tinkebell and silly point: It takes all of 5 minutes to create this type of blog online. I wish i could have done it first, but its about time we had someone step up to the plate and take idiots like RF to the cleaners. Thanks to modern technology it is now within our hands to elicit change on some level, by making our voice be heard on a global stage.

My fervent wish is that the same treatment is given to Brian Thomas! He really must go. And while we're at it, lets also start a conversation on the biggest imbeciles, who are unfortunately elected to be in charge of guiding our destiny in this paradise isle!!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more about Brian Thomas. Dude, how did he ever get in to talking about cricket? That guy doesn't even know how to hold a bat. I know that for sure because we knew him personally when we were abroad and when we had soft ball tournaments. If it was leather then he wouldn't have lasted this long to even dream of being on TV. At least RF was in the team, not that he's any better on the commentary but getting my neighbor's 8 year old kid to talk about cricket on TV would be far more informative and entertaining than Brian Thomas. For someone who cheated a lot of people out of their money and being blacklisted from a country, I'd say he did pretty good. Thanks to Sirasa and MTV for that!

Anonymous said...

While it may be besides the point to talk of Brian Thomas in this blog devoted to RF, it is nevertheless appropriate to discuss another high profile Sri Lankan sports "personality", Brian Thomas (BT). In many ways BT shares the world view & mentality of RF - climbing the ladder & getting to the top at any cost.

It is mindboggling how such a highly rated network such as MTV/Sirasa could be oblivious to public opinion about its so-called "sportscaster" since complaints have appreared in newspapers as far back as 1996. This bogus personality with his false accent and limited knowledge of cricket has made a mockery of TV journalism. He claims that he is the Sri Lankan versions of Harsha Bogle & Charu Sharma!! Some of the recent female recruits to MTV Sports 1st are streets ahead of BT.

Apparently he was for a long-time a hack of a former Director of Maharajas who is a renowned cricket personality. He was known to do contract-type PR programs for this personality. BT has perhaps survived so long due to the patronage of this former Director turned cricket administrator. The man has neither shame nor dignity. Its time that MTV/Sirasa shows the door to this clown.

Apparently BT shares a lot with RF, including similar social backgrounds.