Saturday, May 19, 2007

Ranjit Fernando Not Out

What next for RFS? Apparently not a life of cricketing entertainment sans Ranjit Fernando. The buzz is bugger's back croaking away again. Let's just hope that it was a pre-existing contract. Chances are, those contracts might cover a couple of other events as well.

We tried calling different people and sending emails to folks who are involved in this. I hope you did your share too. If not, it's never too late -- please do so at least now. Details are posted again towards the end of this post.

Other options include climbing to a scoreboard and threatening to jump unless this guy is taken off air. Of course, hunger strikes are also a viable option as long as someone volunteers to sneak in a "Chinese takeaway" every night. Seriously speaking, inundating the SLC phone lines with complaints about Ranjit Fernando would probably be the easiest, most effective way.

Bored at office? Make a call. :)
If you want to record it and share with us, that'd be great.

Other suggestions are always welcome.

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Monday, May 7, 2007

Poll Closes, and What Next for Ranjit Fernando Sucks?

With the buzz surrounding the WC declining I think the time is appropriate to end the "dedicated to Ranjit Fernando" part of this blog. I believe this blog has served its purpose in highlighting the shameful cricket commentaries of Ranjit Fernando, and now it is left to the powers that be to make a decision.

The support received for this blog and its popularity took the cause to the international media, with even agency reports issuing stories. Some of the media that mentioned RFS (or the cause) includes Lanka Business Online, LankaNewsPapers, Daily News, India Time, The Hindu, Cricinfo, and Deccan Herald to name a few.

The poll conducted to vote for a possible replacement for Ranjit Fernando saw a clear winner in Roshan Abeysinghe, with a distant tie for second place by Skandakumar and Premasara Apasinghe. Honorable mentions are Eric Goudar, Rohan Wijeratne, Saliya Ahangama and Shanaka Amarasinghe (late entry, not featured in the poll). I do apologize for not getting the name of Premasara Apasinghe's name wrong in the poll. Although it was pointed out later on, I could not correct it without resetting the entire poll.

What next for RanjitFernandoSucks?

I am playing around with the idea of renaming the blog as RFS and carrying things forward highlighting cricketing affairs. I'm sure, with Gilchrist's squash-ball and Sri Lanka's permanent interim committees and all that there'll be plenty of things for me to opine, if anyone gives a hoot anyways. The name RFS is retained to preserve the memory and purpose of this blog, and as a reminder of what this blog stands against -- crappy cricket, on and off the field.

With that, cheers to everyone who supported RanjitFernandoSucks.
Good night, and good luck.

~RFS Admin