Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Tired of Ranjit Fernando?

Take some action... let the direct stakeholders of cricket know how you feel.

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Anonymous said...

I would just like to thank RF on enlighting me during the SL Vs NZ match, when NZ was struggling with 9 wickets down..

"NZ's problem is that they have lost too many wickets"

......ooh I see! so that's what has gone wrong for them!!

fan said...

Arjuna Doing a Ranjit Fernando?

I disagree with Ian Chappel about investigating SLC, coz the once the team is selected for ICC world cup, it is up to the skipper who play on the day of the game and I for one at the time was known to be said that it was dum move to make. But now knowing what the out come was, I have to say as risky as it was for the team, our skipper had made an inelegant move. Who is Chappel to say who one play on the day if so then why Aussie not play they top ballers against New Zealand for the New Zealand tour before the ICC world cup. Chappel is just at lost for the Aussie team did not get a full feel of top SL team, they will team in the final.

As for Arjuna I have to say I agreeing with you. He was a greatest skipper the one with the ball to stand up for the co. player (Murali) or the team. I ever forget the day the he took the team of the field at SA only to come back and kicked ass. As much as he was a great skipper he left the cricket behind for politics. However one as to agree If he has the need to be connected to cricket he should give up the politics or be fan and just watch like the rest of us.

I for one have can not remember him behind the microphone as a commenter, there for unfortunately I can not comment on him as commenter. However as do recall seen him with a microphone as our Skipper and I have to say I for one can image him as a commenter “ the boys…” this and “the boys…” that. There for I do not wish Arjuna to be an commenter. Thanks you

Komisiripala said...

Congratulations. RSF is on the news. Refer to Lanka Business Online article below.

Komisiripala said...

Congratulations. RSF is on the news. Refer to Lanka Business Online article below.

The One said...

WOW! That's great news!

Hope we can spread the news more and more.

I wish if only Ranjit Fernando gets to see this Blog. If he has got the smallest amount of self-respect, he would stop commentating right away!!!

Anonymous said...

Ranjeeeet Fernando loves to travel in the expense from some one else. For me, RF is the worst commentator. I rather like Tony Greig than RF, at least he stood for SL.

Ramani, why don't give job to your husband in your Saloon.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever heard RF correctly pronounce Mahela Jayawardene's name or Chamara Silva's name.

He always say jaya-war-dene with war in as War in english. If you listen carefully commentators like Sanjay Manjrekar pronounce Mahela's surname correctly. It's true that SL urban middle class pronounce those -wardene surnames as RF do. But RF cannot follow that line and he must stick with original pronouncations as he is the only one in commentary panel with know-how of Sri Lankan Names.

Also he never says Chamara Silva. To him Chamara has a de Silva surname. (He made that mistake even in SL vs NZ semi ). He even do not know that Silva and de Silva are distinctive surnames.

Poor old Ranjith.... It seems that your shelf life is already over

Anonymous said...

Well done, Sri Lanka.

Here we go again, crucifying our own. As a nation, when will be ever grow ? Sure enough, Ranjit does not come with controversial comments or provoke the reset of Cricketing community and fellow commentators, just for the sake of winning the applause of his brethren. Is that we want ? Him representing Sri Lanka in this elite commentary panel has much more to do than, just becoming a mouths piece for the individuals with a chauvinistic agenda.

Do we what him to fuss and argue with the rest of Commentators so we can feel better about ourselves ? Isn’t it better when Tony Craig does that on our behalf ? rather than Ranjit becoming like the all pompous Craig Chappelle who still opens the batting and bowling for Australia left alone being the spoke person on TV.

Come on Sri Lanka, I am sure the people who pay Ranjit, hired him for a reason. Sure, if there were any other Sri Lankan’s who can commentate on TV, sure they would have hired someone else.

Sure we have lot of Sri Lankan cricketing professionals, but how many of them can eloquently speak the Queens languages and not end up the laughing stock of the world. Thank about it. Furthermore, I wonder who is the originator of this blog ? batter not be a Sri Lankan who was turned down for the job.

Enjoy the Cricket, lets beat the crap out of the Aussies.


Anonymous said...

RF could not name 3 fruits grown in sri lanka when asked by M. Holding some time ago

Anonymous said...

This blog is getting attention from foreign news websites.

Josh said...

lol....I felt the necessity of this action way back in 2002...what a pathetic commentator....remember during the super eight match between lanka & eng......after Dilhara bolwed Bopara in the final ball......just recall the bits and pieces he uttered.....
"THAT'S 4 runs...BOPARA FERNANDO...OH I THOUGHT THE BALL HIT THE BAT & WENT FOR FOUR....HA HA HA "....quite pathetic.....c u later RF...
thanx for ur immense contribution to sri lanka cricket...

Anonymous said...

Hopefully RF will follow Inzamam, Mcgrath and Arnold in retiring after the world cup!.

Seriously can he be the only person in Sri Lanka that can commentate cricket?


Anonymous said...

one must also not forget....( laugh laugh) the mess he makes of mispronouncing upul tharanga's( its always tharangaaa) name obvioisly he has no knowledge abt the distinction between masculine n feminine sri lankan names.... Dude hu r u kidin jst get off the air!!!!

Anonymous said...

into 25th over in the finals, and i cant tolatre this joker anymore!! somebody please do somthing!!

Anonymous said...

What about his grammar? Atrocious. and all the anda, butta and all words ending in "er". He is pathetic when questioned about sri lanka and it's culture.has no clue about anything sri lankan. Only knows to imitate the other commentators.(monkeys can do that)never original in his thoughts,no insights intoanything new about cricket. What is he doing close to themicrophone. Give hima banana.

Anonymous said...

guys i am from india n i hv been following ranjit's commentary very closely for the past 3 yrs...i am glad ot know that so many of u hv noticed his unique style of commentary...

ranjit certainly has all his faults, but he is hilarious and an entertainer!! i agree, as lankans u guys must be feeling hurt, when he doesnt support sri lanka...i hope he that he does realize this n start supporting sri lanka...but i want him to stay on bcoz he is fun 2 hear!!

n yes..congrats 2 sri lanka for making de finals!! u guys have made asia proud!!

Anonymous said...

Sri Lanka must consider loaning RF as an exhibit to the Smithsonian. Something good may come out of it !

Anonymous said...

Yesterday when I was watching ESPN, in an interview, Duleep Mendis, CEO & Thilanga Sumithipala - President, BCCSL, said that they will appoint Ranjit Fernando as the manager of the next SL cricket series.

Anonymous said...

i jus got this forward.. not sure weder u guys also have gotten it already.. anyways here goes.. :)


"What Jayasuriya will be trying to do is to hit the ball with the bat and get runs in order to win the match." - SL vs South Africa

"If Ireland can get 8 or 9 quick wickets, they could be in with a chance." - SL vs Ireland

"One would say that the team that scores more runs, should go on to win the game." - SL vs India

"It's a four. Oh no! He's out! He's clean bowled! I thought it went for four!" when Ravi Bopara was bowled in the match England Vs SL

" What's important in this partnership is that they have not
lost any wickets" SL vs New Zealand super 8 match

" Upul Tharanga is caught in slips by Jayasuriya"- Jaya.. sry i mean Hayden has got buckets like hands" SL vs Aussie super 8 match

Anonymous said...

Recent Blunder by Rf...oh gosh why do they still have this fool!! I watched the 20"20 muted at times!!! "Bond just took his eys off the ball for a moment" ...this is bonds 2nd drop catch (20"20), when the replay was shown...S Bond was in sunglasses...looking towards the direction of the ball!! Now...does RF have x;ray vision?? it is embarrassing to listn to this fool!! Most of the time time he is like a parrot...with a peanut brain who just repeats!! only trick he has learnt is to re-arrange the words of the other commentator!! Play scrable with your kids rf?

Anonymous said...

Once Jayasooooriya was coming out after lunch having a lollypop so sanjay said that "one would associate lollypop with small children" ranjit instead of agreeing to sanjay as usual was trying to defend jayasooriya saying that" Let me tell you Sanjay that jayasuriya is young at heart"

He always has to praise sri lankan players even in matches involving other countries once dhoni made 183 against pakistan and ravi shastri was prasing dhoni saying that he could be the next gilchrist ranjit instead of prasing dhoni was saying" But one must not forget Kumara Sangakkara he is a great wicketkeepar batsmen"