Saturday, May 19, 2007

Ranjit Fernando Not Out

What next for RFS? Apparently not a life of cricketing entertainment sans Ranjit Fernando. The buzz is bugger's back croaking away again. Let's just hope that it was a pre-existing contract. Chances are, those contracts might cover a couple of other events as well.

We tried calling different people and sending emails to folks who are involved in this. I hope you did your share too. If not, it's never too late -- please do so at least now. Details are posted again towards the end of this post.

Other options include climbing to a scoreboard and threatening to jump unless this guy is taken off air. Of course, hunger strikes are also a viable option as long as someone volunteers to sneak in a "Chinese takeaway" every night. Seriously speaking, inundating the SLC phone lines with complaints about Ranjit Fernando would probably be the easiest, most effective way.

Bored at office? Make a call. :)
If you want to record it and share with us, that'd be great.

Other suggestions are always welcome.

Please contact the administrators using the information below
Sri Lanka Cricket
Tel : +94-(0)-11-268-1601 (up to 4)

Fax : +94-(0)-11-269-7405


Sri Lanka Cricket (Media Unit)

Tel : +94-(0)-11-268-1601 (up to 4)
Fax : +94-(0)-11-471-8736


Dilmah Tea

Fax : +94-(0)-11-293-3070

ESPN-Star (HQ)

Tel : +65-6488.6500
Fax : +65-6488-6308


ESPN-Star Sports Corporation

Tel : + 852-2621-8199
Fax : + 852-2621-9668

Ten Sports - Sri Lanka

Tel : +94-(0)-11-244-6622 (Room 672)
Fax : +94-(0)-11-493-5499


Is a bell said...

this is gettin soooooo old. why not start a new one called "The Ranjith Fernando Sucks Blog Sucks"?? Yeah, that'd be cool. lol.

RanjithFernandoSucks said...

I realize this. That's exactly why I wound the operations down after the world-cup. A few emails / comments wanted another post post-WC. That's about it... I have no intention of beating a dead horse :)

The One said...

Hey, "is a bell", you don't know how much we suffer because of this asshole while we watch a Sri Lanka cricket match! Maybe you're don't watch matches so often...

But for those of us who feel like hanging ourselves because of this guy, THIS BLOG ROCKS!!!

Oh, btw, I mailed to all the above addresses. Guess it's about time we make phone calls too...

Karthik B.S. said...

that was damn funny.

Damith-TS said...

guys ive been a regular visitor to your site and its cracks me up man haha..

ranjits career is indeed at an end as far as im concerned with arnold coming to the fray..poor guy lol..

btw do check out my blog too.

its about sl cricket as well

B. Upul N. Peiris.. (B. U. N. Peiris) said...

The best thing that could happen to the opposing team is to let Ranjith Fernando boast, blabber about how great Sri Lankan cricket team is. A Sri Lankan batsman will SURELY fall. On 12th Nov. 2007, while Mahela was about to reach his double hundred, Rajith commenced preaching the how sri lankan batsman go on go how English batsman fail to do. Mahela got out in the next ball.
This has happened endless times for long years. Don't we have genuine commentator instead of a blabber, boaster, biased commentator?
I have nothing against Mr. Fernando as a human being. I am sure he is a gentleman too. But what a pathetic blabber in the commentary box?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Hey RFS creator, we need one real quick to boot Jayasuriya out of the team. He's just announced plans to play in the 2011 world cup after a string of rubbish performances.